ASAP Implementation Methodology

Generally, ASAP methodology is the SAP road-map for implementing SAP solutions in a cost-effective, speedy manner. The fact that SAP customer expectations are changing continuously: they expect quality implementations focus on quick time to value, insight optimization for fast access to info on a suite devices, want early and frequent confirmation on the delivery of benefits and need to demonstrate capability to solve pain points.

ASAP provides:

· Flexible, holistic approach that not only guides users through the implementation of SAP products but also covers the operational aspects of a solution. (Instant use and instant value)
· Proven, repeatable implementation methodology to streamline projects and achieve lower total cost of implementation (TCI).

· Supports multiple types of life-cycles, including value, business process, and project and application life-cycle management. (Enhanced visibility and measurable results)

· leverages an iterative solution demo approach, in particular during the business blueprint phase, to validate the solution design early and frequently.( enable sustainable growth) 

ASAP Implementation Road-map


ASAP implementation methodology consists of six essential phases which cover entire life-cycle of a project:


  1. Project preparation (project formally initiated and planning commenced)
  2. Business Blueprint (requirements gathered and conceptual design conducted)
  3. Realization (solution built and integration tested)
  4. Final preparation (end – users trained, solution confirmed for cut-over)
  5. Go live support (solution confirmed and ongoing support operation)
  6. Operate (run of the solution)


In brief, the road-map is structured as a work breakdown structure (WBS) that represents a complete list of deliverables that need to be completed by the project team. The ASAP methodology for implementation projects represents a standardized work breakdown structure that provides the foundation for defining implementation project work in a deliverable-oriented, hierarchical manner and managing the project work to completion.
ASAP methodology contains a standard set of templates, samples, accelerators, guidelines, and checklists for use by project teams in effectively managing and completing SAP solution implementation projects.